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- The dissatisfaction on the quality and the waste of the manpower and the time due to the generation of the spatter
- To perform the main welding after either cutting the wire end tip or generating the arc on another base metal due to the fear of the arc start failure
- Inefficient work process of either to spray the anti-spatter agent or to use the protection cover for the fear of the spatter generation
- Productivity loss and the material cost increase by applying wire with small diameter in fear of the spatter generation

- Using expensive flux cored wire and the addition of the manpower to remove the welding slag
- Using MAG gas mixed with expensive Ar gas
- The arc start failure rate would be reached to 10~40% with existing welding machine (thyristor control, IGBT simple control). Generation of the confronted spatters
- The tendency to stick to the existing method by unskilled worker or workers accustomed to the conventional method due to the difficulty of the welding condition setting when using the solid wire

- The investment to replace the welding equipment is the more reasonable choice than to increase the variable cost such as to use expensive wire, gas, and additional manpower.
- There are differences among the welding equipments on the spatter generation quantity and the arc start success rate in accordance with the available current wave design technology and its completeness.

Spatter reducing type MAGIC ARC welding machine
: The arc start success rate is 100% and 50~80% of the spatter generation rate is reduced when using CO2 gas and the solid wire.

Spatter zero type welding equipment & device
- Magic pulse welding machine: Elimination of the welding spatter by the spray implementation when using the MAG gas

- PLASMA welding machine: The best quality arc welding with deep penetration and narrow bead width
- Automatic filler feeding device: Automatic feeding of the filler metal in case of the TIG and the PLASMA welding

- The realization of products from the 5 technologies developed by the consortium of research, industry and education in accordance with the industrial technology development policy project of the Government.

- Acquisition of the NT & NEP of the Ministry of commerce, industry and energy. Selected as the excellent product from the Public Procurement Service and also selected as the welding equipment of the national skill competition meeting.

- Retained technologies related with the robot & automatic welding: Automation of the arc welding, realization of the I/F for all types of the robots, and the overhaul work for the inverter welding machines of foreign origin

- Operation of the permanent welding simulation hall: Comparison of the welding quality & the productivity for each welding device, sample fabrication without charge on the development prototypes

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