CO2/MAG welding machine
· CO2/MAG welding machine
  Ensures low spatter generation by wavelorm control, resulting in reduced man-hours and excellent welding performance
MIG welding machine
· MIG welding machine
  Specific for welding of thin aluminum sheets with minimized thermal deformation
TIG welding machine
· TIG welding machine
  Initial current and pulse width control inverter TIG
Plasma welding machine
· Plasma welding machine
  Minimized thermal deformation of parent material and electrode wearing, thus optimal for automatic welding of thin sheets and precision parts
FiLLERCON welding machine
· FiLLERCON welding machine
  Semi-automatic filler material feeding with improved productivity and excellent cost saving efficiency
For 13 years, SEIL Electronics is leading manufacturer of welding machine, welding equipment and welding equipment supplier. With proud of the NT(New Technology) mark, we have a good solution for low spatter welding and spatter free welding. Now you can meet our qualified product lines includes arc welding equipment, co2 welding, co2 welding machines, mag welding, mig welding, mig welding machines, plasma welder, plasma welding, plasma welding machines, pulse welding machines, tig welding, tig welding equipment, tig welding machine and tig welding machines.
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Certificate of specialized division for research and development

Apr 7, 2005

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Nov 11, 2004

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for export

Nov 17, 2003

Certificate of high quality product

Jun 13, 2003

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